Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Epiphany

Huh. Maybe I'm starting to get over it. Actually, I don't want to brag, but maybe I'm ALREADY over it... Usually in these times of self-indulgence (read: when I get DITCHED) watching a very soapy soap opera on TV would reduce me to a blubbering mess, and ok, I DID kind of tear up a little when Senator McAllister said he was withdrawing from his run for governor to spend more time with Kitty, but seriously, usually I would have been snuffling like a pug and popping on the kettle but no. No tears, just a mild tightening of the chest. And surely that can be blamed on Callista Flockhart's fine acting, or alternatively, if nothing else, Rob Lowe's devastatingly handsome face and sparkling eyes?? I mean imagine if Tony Abbott was that hot...no one would complain about seeing pictures of him in his budgie smugglers then.
It begs the question - how caught up and preoccupied do we get in relationships that last, in the grand scheme of life - for about ten seconds? A few months is not a long time and yet when your in it you can spend ten minute blocks(ok, hours) daydreaming about how AMAZING your life will be with them. What a load of BOLLOCKS.

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