Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Groundhog Day

Hmmm yet another evening playing platonic friends. Kind of like...groundhog day. Admittedly it's rather enjoyable, plus my iron levels are skyrocketing with all this steak we keep eating...if you want a recommendation for a good steak night venue in Melbourne, just ask me. And I'm really getting my snooker eye in. Was thankfully spared having to fulfill the threat of the nudie run upon losing - whilst I'd like to think this is because he is a gentleman I think it more likely that he remembers just how disgraceful my undie collection is and deemed it unfit for public exposure. Probably the only time buying my undies at Coles will work in my favour. Hmmmm, perhaps he DITCHED me because of my affection for a good pair of Cottontails.
I must say that having a special platonic man friend 2km's own the road has it's advantages - the almost completely deflated front tyre of my car is now fully inflated as are the other 3, all of a sudden it's like I actually have power steering - reason enough to break up and be friends in itself. And lovely roommate can now ride her bike again as it turns out Dumper is rather handy with a pair of boltcutters. Do so love a man wielding a large tool...
And so it continues, the friendly dance that takes place whilst we try and figure out whether being just friends will be enough...

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