Monday, March 22, 2010

Risky Business

Waking up and realising one did not sleep the night in one's own bed is one thing. Waking up, getting dressed and realising you were drunk when you got dressed the night before is quite another. Because why else would you allow yourself to head out in a white men's business shirt and black heels unless you thought you were going to a casting for the remake of Risky Business??
And then why, oh why not put your slip back on knowing that there is a slim possibility that he may suggest coffee when you stumble out the front door of his building because you know, yes you KNOW the men's shirt is transparent in the light...especially BROAD DAYLIGHT on the main street of the neighboring suburb. At least I was in the same postcode. Small win.
I suppose the answer to both these questions is that I often lack the thought process that goes behind making a socially appropriate decision and instead go with the one that will entertain me for the next 60 minutes.
And it did. Me and the dozen lucky people who caught sight of me walking along looking like a stripper at 11am with a birdsnest on my head and my slip in my hand. Oh and a long island iced tea down the front of my men's shirt...

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