Thursday, April 15, 2010

A butter knife, a hanger and a set of keys...

Thursday April 15:

6:30pm: Having answered the phone to listen to best man friend's latest dating drama (which involved him trying to distinguish whether he was about to embark on a date or a friendly catchup) I leapt from my car, lamb chops and tea bags in hand, only to slam the door at the exact moment I realised I had locked the car for the first time in a week leaving the keys in the ignition...bugger.
6:38pm: cursed man friend and his dating dramas.
6:40pm: Decided it wasn't worth delaying dinner (lamb chops and steamed veges with lashings of butter) and went inside only to have lovely roomate point out that leaving the keys in the ignition until I could be bothered getting them out (was thinking of tackling it on Saturday morning) WASN'T a great idea.
7:15pm: inhaled dinner. Cannot eat lamb slowly.
7:20pm: fossicked around for some sort of material with which to break into own car.
7:25pm: armed with a butter knife, a credit card and a ribbon I began the delicate process of trying to wedge the butter knife into the door seal.
7:30pm: car drives past slowly...
7:35pm: same car returns, offers assistance in the shape of a burly young man and a coat hanger.
8pm: finally he pops the lock after getting his sweat on for 25 minutes.
Derek from number 109, you're my HERO.

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  1. *sigh* good ol' Derek 109... there truly are still shiverous men out there... who would have thought it! :o)