Monday, April 19, 2010


Do so love a good debrief after a night out with friends. Especially when I woke up and gave myself a good old fashioned pat on the back for not getting TOO CRAZY on Friday night.
That was before the debrief when I was reminded that Phil Collins got the better of me with In the Air Tonight. What a great song, well deserving of a good hair toss and heartfelt, out of tune warbling at a popular local nightspot. Did I mention it took place onstage? Whilst the singer tried to avoid being flicked in the face with my ponytail??
Unsure whether that was before or after I chipped charming English man-friend's front tooth whilst pirouetting wildly out of control across the dance floor (in my defence, that was partly his fault, he should know by now I get dizzy after a few champagnes).
Love dancing. I say dancing, but the general consensus seems to be that it's more of a cross between 80's aerobics with a little bit of the mash potato and head banging thrown in for good measure. Perhaps if I start going out in a leotard and sweat bands people will get in lines and follow my lead?
Same man-friend packed me into a taxi - thankgod - after rousing me from my slumber on the club couch.
I thought it was a fairly quiet night.WHOOPSY DAISIES.

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