Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Jumper

Haven't wasted a thought on Dumper since he dumped me for the second time UNTIL, lovely roomate that is romantically involved with Dumper's best friend informed me this evening that he wants his jumper back. I DON'T THINK SO! Not only is it the most comfortable item of clothing in my possession outside of my pyjamas and the 3 pack undies special from Coles, but I think an old, faded, but perfectly worn in hoodie is a small sacrifice, I mean throw a girl a bone, at least let me be comfortable!

Begs the question though - is an exchange of all personal effects totally necessary at the conclusion of a relationship? I mean if one party really liked one item then why bother getting it back if YOU didn't really care about it? I mean I'm happy for him to hang onto my ten yr old backup mobile phone with the dicky battery??!!!! Never mind that I'm cleaning the bathtub with his toothbrush...

I suppose one is usually more than happy to give back items which are of no use to them or which induce sad memories and nostalgic flashbacks. Neither of those situations apply here; I just don't think I am willing to give up a jumper that's been so perfectly worn in! If it reminded me of DUMPER and his dumping ways or if it reduced me to tears I'd be forced to let it go, but it's just so darn COMFORTABLE.
In fact - potentially the best thing to come out of our short lived but dramatic affair is this ratty old jumper.

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