Monday, April 26, 2010

Location, location

Dating Myth number 1: he arranges to catch up in a pub, 600m from your house and 10kms from his because he is a considerate individual that thinks you might get lost if you have to venture beyond the postcode of your leafy green seaside paradise.

Not so. He will do this with every intention of having a few too many beers thus HAVING to crash at your house because in fact it is YOU that is the considerate one not wanting him to drive drunk. God forbid it be your fault he kills himself or someone else. So instead he ends up back at your place. Such a sneaky, underhanded, MALE thing to do.

The funniest thing about this though is that boys seem to think we're unaware when they are doing this. FYI boys - just because we may not necessarily object to this particular tactic does not mean we are not aware that it is taking place. We might be easy but we're not stupid!

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