Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Poolhouse

Once upon a time, in my hometown, there was a girl who met a boy and continued to occasionally meet him when both parties were out and about and very drunk. One such meeting led to the girl and the boy sleeping over in the poolhouse of his parents house in the burbs. When morning broke and the harsh reality that was the poolhouse mattress cast a shadow over the previous evening's romance, the boy said to the girl that he had to go inside and get dressed for his dad's 60th birthday brunch...
Tick, tock, tick, tock - an hour ticked past in the poolhouse and the girl realised she'd been FORGOTTEN and thus was forced to scale the 1.5m back fence in order to she threw her handbag over, hiked up her mini skirt and scrambled over in her knee high boots.
Boy goes to brunch, girl walks half the way home before flagging a cab and 3 years later girl says to boy "you know you left me in the poolhouse 3 yrs ago?" recollection...He forgot 3 yrs before and simply never remembered. Needless to say, boy and girl will not be going to the chapel anytime soon.

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