Sunday, April 4, 2010


What is with the recent revelations that men want to be swept off thier feet?! I thought MEN were meant to be doing the sweeping not women. I don't want to be the sweeper, I hate sweeping, I want to be swept, they can't have it all, at least leave us with one last fairytale dream...besides, I would struggle to pick up most men, I'm too SMALL & WEAK which is why I'M supposed to be the one being swept off MY feet!!!! I am light and very sweepable!
This is the second male I have heard in the past month saying that he wants to be swept away by a woman. I find this confusing - can someone please clarify how a woman is supposed to sweep a man off his feet when men supposedly are the ones that like to chase?
This is MY fairytale ending, you can't rewrite it because you've decided you want to be Cinderella. There is a reason it's PRINCE Charming...I mean, Princess Charming? Really? Sounds RIDICULOUS!

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