Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My first friend...

There's a lot to be said for the people who've known you your whole life. There's never any awkward pauses or explanations necessary. They know everything there is to know about where you came from, what sort of childhood you had, what your parents were like. They knew your first cat (Mog), your first puppy (Rude), all the pet lambs (all called Fred), they fell off your first horse (Dusty) and your second(Gaytime Goodtime, Gay for short) and they dinkied you on your Dad's motorbike even before you could drive it yourself.

They remember what it was like growing up in your house, on your farm, because they grew up there too. They remember when you and your older sister still shared a room and you decided to divide it with masking tape (forgetting that your wardrobe was actually on her side...). They know your shocking karaoke attempts go all the way back to singing along to the Decore ads in the bath you shared. They know your mood swings started long before you even had your first period, way, way back when you used to crack it McEnroe-style playing tennis on your family court.

They shared numourous Xmas Eve's with you at the neighbours annual party, lying on the trampoline come midnight waiting for Father Christmas to sail over in his sleigh.

They were there when you had your first ciggie and nearly choked to death, they took you out of boarding school and introduced you to all thier friends, got you drunk, licked thier ID stamp and rubbed it on your arm to get you into the pub when you were underage.

They spoke at your 21st, you spoke at thiers. They stayed on the phone for hours on end listening to you pour your heart out when it first got broken - even when they lived in London and you were still at home.

They know your family so well they will always be part of it. They were there to play with you after school and on weekends. They know you hate horror movies because they forced you to watch The Burbs when you were 8 yrs old (the image of the house going up in flames will forever be etched in my brain).

They know you love Vegemite because they remember you used to steal extra pieces of Tip Top and smother them in butter and vegemite when you thought they weren't looking.

You tell them things you would never tell anyone else and you held thier secrets for years until they were ready to let them out. They never judge. They just listen. They know how you take your tea and they know when you need a cup. And they know when tea won't cut it and wine will have to step up.

They understand you and know you almost better than you know yourself. They are like a sister to you but they know you much better because they stayed with you when your real sisters went away to boarding school.

So when you call them from across the country to tell them your sad because the home you both grew up in is about to change hands, they get it. They just know, because they would feel the same way. Because they know every nook and cranny as well as you and because a little part of them feels like they are losing it too.

They are your best friend. Always were, always will be. No other friendship will ever be the same because no one else met you the week you were born, before your parents even took you home. And no one else knows you for the person you were AND the person you have become xx

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