Monday, May 3, 2010

The 'non-plan' plan

It's slowly starting to dawn on me that I need to start acting my age. With only 3 months to go until I hit 28 it has come to my attention that unless I want to keep making friends with people younger than me I run the risk of my friends passing me by in all of life's major checkpoints.
I'm not very good at planning ahead, I prefer waking up each day not really knowing what is going to happen, but then maybe that just means I'm on the "non-plan" plan...maybe that's not being spontaneous but irresponsible.
Maybe my carefree existance right now is only going to result in me being left behind by all the people I love as they grow up and slowly check off all the things we are expected to do at certain times and certain ages.
I think I am slowly starting to get over the person I've ended up being. I wonder if that is the result of growing up such a shy, goody two shoes terrified of getting in trouble and then realising that the world after 18 requires you to set your OWN boundaries?
I think it's high time I put some in place.

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