Monday, May 3, 2010

Things I strongly dislike:

Running the Tan on a Monday night.
Guys that run the Tan on a Monday night sans shirt.
Waking up on a Sunday morning not knowing what took place between 1am and 4am.
Electrocuting myself with a homemade stove lighter.
Tripping up the curb.
Waking up on a Sunday and remembering what happened between 1am and 4am.
The pencil case I am using as a clutch.
Waking up, scanning my dialled numbers and finding a completely mysterious, random phone number dialled between 1am and 4am.
Getting my heel stuck in the cracks on Bourke St and not realising for 3 metres.
Trying to yank my heel out of the crack on Bourke St without breaking the whole thing off.
Slamming my hair in the car door.
Realising it is time to grow up.

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