Monday, June 7, 2010

White goods conspiracy

A friend of mine opened up my fridge last night and said "you know what this fridge says to me Sarah? This fridge symbolises your entire existence. The very root of your personality and lifestyle. Void of anything practical or nutritional (eggs, salad, vegetables, fruit) full of frivolity and good times (wine, cheese, icecream). If I didn't know better I'd think you were on the last day of the week before you went and did your weekly food shop."

(At this point I should mention I was busy rifling through my empty pantry looking for the takeaway menus...)

"Except I do know better - the fridge is like this regardless of what day it is because you don't like to plan ahead, you buy on a day to day basis because you know if you dare to buy more than a day's worth of food at a time it will be wasted because you'll blow it off in favour of dressing up and eating out. There's not even breakfast foods because you never get out of bed early enough to eat at home so your cereal and toast lives at the office".

A stark contrast to what it looks like when my housemate is home. My housemate being an organised, responsible individual that reguarly whips up a storm on a Sunday afternoon in order to divvy it up between 5 tupperware containers which she then freezes and leaves in our freezer AND her office freezer - just in case she ever gets caught out...

Even the white goods are out to expose me for the undomestic, irresposible, lazy, day-to-day person that I am. Damn.

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