Monday, July 19, 2010

Coming of age?

In the 16 days that have passed since I last blogged I've turned 28. This seemingling insignificant age was anything but uneventful as I managed to channel my inner 18 yr old by being politely asked to leave one venue and then kicked to the curb from the other. And so it goes that the usual week-long birthday festival brought with it a few harsh realities.
The first came in the form of a very thoughtful gift to visit a beautician from 5 of my dearest girlfriends...with one of them suggesting I try the collagen infused facial...clearly I am looking a little lacklustre in my old age! But at least we can laugh about it.
The second realisation was that despite my best intentions I am still unable to celebrate a birthday without getting ludicrously drunk before 9pm thus resulting in me getting my hug on with every single guest. So much love to give, much like an excited dog. The third came in the form of my dear friends; realising that they all genuinely care about my happiness as much as I care about thiers which leads me to the fourth. That just because you might care about someone doesn't mean they care about you to the same extent. That different people, whilst they may really like each other can have very different views of what a good relationship is. And that the more you give the more they will take so that you are forced at some point to say that enough is enough. So many people get walked all over by people they care about because that person thinks you will always be there no matter what. But even the most giving of people can get sick of being taken for granted. And I guess that's when you're supposed to stand up and push back otherwise they will keep taking little pieces of you until there is nothing left.

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