Friday, September 10, 2010

Home or Away?

How long do we stay away from home for? If everyone else has moved back to where it all started, should you move back too? How long can you last being away from it before something starts to pull you back in, before you start to rethink whether you should remain as the only one that hasn't moved back home? How long do you remain away trying to replace that warm, comfortable feeling of being home? Are the new things you experience whilst living away from home worth all the things you miss out on? Like watching your nieces get bigger and bigger and hearing their conversation evolve; like being there to visit your grandparents and light up their day; like being able to go back to your parents house to say hi, eat warm food and help them out when they aren't well? Like being able to share in an old friend's first pregnancy or finishing a bottle of wine with one who's decided not to get married?
If sharing your family's experiences is what keeps you grounded and aware of where you came from, then what happens to you when you no longer live near them, when you miss out on all the little special family things for the sake of trying to create your own experiences, you're own life? Is it right that you're life no longer really intertwines with theirs, can you ever really hope to create that same feeling of belonging and familiarity if you move away without taking anything of home with you? Or more importantly ANYONE?
Whilst we so enjoy the new experiences we create, the new people we meet and attempting to be independent individuals in this world, can we ever hope to recreate a new home away from home? What is it that creates that atmosphere, familiarity and security?
How can we really hope to create that with new people and places when they don't know where you came from, how can anyone really hope to understand another person without knowing those details? How can we move forward without looking back every so often?

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